Friday, June 05, 2009

Jungle Work

I've found that unless I block out some machete time, the jungle begins to return.
  • The email box overflows.
  • Working files are not properly organized.
  • And I fall behind on sending thank you notes and birthday cards.

I find it far easier to postpone these chores than to fail to return a phone call. Phone call messages, for some reason, are more pressing and I have a strict rule of returning all calls, if at all possible, within the work day.

The seemingly trivial tasks do not easily merge with other business. They demand special focus and, if unattended, spark feelings of guilt that are not minor.

Recently, I wrote about the importance of designating an Unpleasant Tasks Day once a month. Once a week, at least an hour or two should be devoted to Jungle Work.

And if it is not placed on the calendar, it won't get done.

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