Friday, February 15, 2013

Presentation Skills Blues

I watched a presentation the other day. My grade for it would be a C-minus if generous and perhaps even a D.

The substance was fine and the presenter knew his stuff but the presentation was disjointed. Multiple PowerPoint sins were committed. The pointer was mishandled. The theme was unclear.

By the end, most of the audience probably thought they knew, but were not sure they really knew, what had been presented. You had to work to find out what was being proposed.

Now here's the jarring part: The presenter makes these briefings several times a year. They are part of his business. True, I'm far from unbiased on the subject of presentations.  I left the room wondering if his and similar firms are even open to receiving coaching on their presentation skills.

One thing is certain: They have the capacity to do a fine job. It may be, however, that an okay job is all they desire. A fine job may be regarded as unnecessary.

And that should work, I suppose, so long as the competition has the same attitude.

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Bob said...

Even the very best athletes have a coach. If you want to be better you need to seek out those that can help. I guess some people don't want to be better, or even know what better is, or even know there might be a better. I sit in presentations and sometimes cringe, occasionally there is a breath of fresh air.