Monday, February 27, 2006

Queenan on Movies

If you are going to read about movies, go for the throat and read Joe Queenan.

Even when you disagree with him, he's a hoot. An excerpt:

Serious Americans - frumpy, middle-aged men with furrowed brows - love to rattle on about the "culture wars" that plague society. The left, or what passes for the left in America, resents the fact that politics and business are controlled by Republicans. The right deplores the fact that culture, entertainment, style and even cuisine are dominated by Democrats. The right punishes the left by slashing taxes, badgering minorities, stirring up trouble in abortion clinics, and filling the airwaves with the ramblings of paunchy, pill-popping ideologues extolling virtues they do not themselves possess, while the left punishes the right by putting Jimmy Carter's fatuous memoirs on the bestseller list and making high-minded motion pictures in which conservatives are portrayed as hyenas. The saintly Susan Sarandon is never terribly far from the action.

Read the entire article here.

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