Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Satisfactory Answers?

One of the first steps in achieving excellent management is to check ourselves out.

Do you have a satisfactory answer if any of the following questions pertain to you?

  • You have a problem with your co-worker. Why haven’t you talked to the person about it?
  • You know you have an incorrigibly abrasive person working for you. Why haven’t you fired him?
  • You know a team member is being ostracized. What real action have you taken to ensure that person is brought into the team?
  • You have just hired a person. Have you given that person a serious orientation?
  • Your organization claims it hires on merit. Why are you giving preferences based on race, sex or national origin?
  • You think your marketing people may be misleading customers. Why haven’t you tried to change that?
  • You know that upper management routinely discounts the efforts of a peer who is doing extraordinary work. What have you done to help that person?
  • One of your best people has turned in a letter of resignation. What are you doing to convince that person to stay?

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