Sunday, April 06, 2008

Book Review: Awakening the Entrepreneur Within

Michael E. Gerber wrote one of the truly essential books, The E-Myth Revisited, in which he warned of entrepreneurial seizures that cause people with specialized skills to rush into creating a business, only later to find that they have not created a business but have simply switched to another, even more demanding, job working for a lunatic.

Later, Gerber elaborated on his concepts in a collection of sequels such as The E-Myth Manager, The E-Myth Physician, and The E-Myth Contractor. [Can The E-Myth Bus Driver be far behind?]

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Companies is Gerber's latest and it has much to like and much that may irritate. The irritating part will probably jab those who've read his earlier books. He travels down old roads and meanders into the story of a company start-up that lacks the excitement and insight of the analysis of the pie company in his original book. He even reveals the old secret that there is no secret. Aargh. But then, when those of us who are long-term Gerber fans are about to despair, he gives "The Golden Pyramid Strategy" which neatly condenses his advice on how to start a company or, for many of his readers, re-start one.

If you are looking for one good idea from a business book, Gerber will more than satisfy you. He always gives several. He has become a management icon for small entrepreneurs and well deserves that status. Bear with him in Awakening the Entrepreneur Within. He'll give you much to think about. But be sure to read The E-Myth Revisited. That one is a core requirement.


Paul Simister, Your Profit Coach said...

Love E Myth Revisited, thought E Myth Mastery had excellent content spoilt by the fluffy writing style but this is the MIchael Gerber biik which disappoints me the most.

Anonymous said...

I am still in the middle of the book, but Michael is definitely tickling both sides of my brain. It is not your average business book that's for sure.