Sunday, January 04, 2009

Assorted Questions for Human Resources Professionals

  • Isn't it hypocritical that the vacancy most likely to be filled by considering race, sex, or national origin is the job of Equal Employment Opportunity Officer?
  • Why is more scrutiny frequently given to the process through which a secretary is selected than to the manner in which a corporate vice president is chosen?
  • Why is the position of receptionist - one that requires extraordinary customer relations and people skills - usually one of the lowest paid jobs in the organization?
  • Outside of highly specialized and licensed positions, does it make any sense to have a rigid requirement of a college degree?
  • Why are X number of years of experience required for low paying, entry-level positions?
  • Why do so many employees find that the bulk of their job responsibilities fall under "other duties as assigned?"
  • Why do so many Human Resources departments regard employees as adversaries or nuisances?


Anonymous said...

Great questions you pose here Michael! I hope they make their way into the depths of HR as they look ahead to 2009!

I've featured your post in my weekly Rainmaker 'Fab Five' blog picks of the week (found here: to share your thoughts with my readers.

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Your question is very interesting. I hope it as well makes the rounds through the blogosphere.
I think this topic of mean-spirited HR folks needs to be addressed by more people.
To get my answer to your question (because it is too long to post here) it is posted on my blog:

Anonymous said...

mmmm. having been an EEO officer in the past... your first question almost made me fall out of my chair. not many people call this one out! good stuff.

Michael Wade said...

Thanks to each of you. I've noticed the questions were posted on some sites and people wondered why there wasn't more of a response from HR professionals. It may have made some of them uneasy.

Jessica, I'm also a former EEO officer and you're right: the question is seldom raised.