Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quote of the Day

Executives spend most of their time on finance and turn the rest over to functional professionals whose main concern is to protect their own turf and pride. It is hard to find any of these who are more interested in the company as a whole than in the success of their own functions. It is as if they feel they have to get reelected all the time.

- Philip B. Crosby


Deron Schriver said...

We're facing a similar situation in the healthcare realm. There are stakeholders (physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, patients, etc.) all trying to protect their respective turfs while ignoring the fact that the healthcare system in which they operate is experiencing unsustainable costs. I think we all need an injection of social responsibility in this country.

Michael Wade said...


It is amazing how easily the overall mission is sacrificed for local turf, even in good times.