Monday, February 09, 2009

The Rise in Cybercrime

Had Thomas been looking for real purloined credit card numbers, he could have typed a message to ccarder inquiring about price, quantity, and all the particulars necessary to complete the sale and take possession of the goods. Thomas sees these kinds of negotiations all the time, as well as purchases for a slew of other illicit items: child pornography, Social Security numbers, marijuana, checking account numbers, the requisite laboratory equipment to manufacture methamphetamine, small arms, parts needed to build improvised explosive devices, and packaged sets of unique personal information that allow the buyer to assume someone else's identity. In the cyber black market, buyers and sellers refer to these all-in-one packages as "fullz." Thomas has also seen the chat rooms, of which there are thousands emanating from computer servers around the world, used for trafficking in humans, not just their identities.

Read the rest of Shane Harris on the cybercrime wave.

[HT: Real Clear Politics ]

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