Saturday, April 24, 2010

The AZ Immigration Law Two-Step

Law professors Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse go back and forth on the Arizona immigration law's potential legal challenges.


Anonymous said...

I'm not your average joe, nor am I a legal scholar, but I cannot understand what they are talking about. It seems like passing a law that makes it a crime to be in this country illegally is self-explanatory. Illegal still means breaking the law doesn't it? Kudos to Arizona.


Michael Wade said...


It gets down to federal versus state authority.

It is important for opponents of the Arizona law to state just how they would solve the problem.


Anonymous said...

i hear you.

In my view, it is important that Arizona be allowed to exercise her right to enforce her borders.

An intrusive federal "one size fits all" approach is not what the founders intended. Nebraska has no such border issue. Neither does Missouri.

The Feds would of course do nothing. Methinks it is because certain members smell potential voting blocs.