Saturday, April 24, 2010

Culture Break: Saint-Saens Symphony No.3

Well worth the time: From a concert at Notre Dame in Paris.


John said...

One of the richest of the war horses. I still remember the first time I heard it on an LP in 1970.
Loved it then and still do!

Before learning that to be successful in music one should be either rich or gifted (preferably both) I was once a music student. A wry joke in the music school was...
If you ask almost any musician what is the most nearly perfect of all instruments the answer is the human voice.
But if you ask an organist the answer comes back the pipe organ.

Something about egos I think.
I once heard a priest ask the choir director at the cathedral if he bragged about having the biggest organ in the Southeast.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

I toy with the idea of taking piano lessons but fear that my talent may be more in the realm of bongos.