Tuesday, April 27, 2010

iPad Woos Curmudgeon

Verging on Pertinence is flirting with iPadia:

Upon crossing the street from the William Penn we entered the Apple emporium filled with a....generous feeling. It was an early Sunday afternoon, the store was not too busy so there was no line to queue up to before getting my sweaty paws on the iPad. I touched the screen for the books therein. An empty light wood bookshelf came up and books appeared, covers out, like temptresses offering their wares. I touched Chuck Klosterman's "Eating the Dinosaur". Two pages came up. Bright white. Searing bright white already burning my corneas. I mumbled something and a Genius came by, noticed by deep squint, ran her finger by a muted bar at the top of the iPad's screen and....the pages were all readable and painless. Why I got the remark from the Delaware Genius that I should "consider RayBan's" when I inquired as to the brightness of the screen was now a mystery. Reading was a pleasure, as much as if not moreso than a Kindle II (ARGGHHH!).

I next picked "Winnie the Pooh" and the book opened in full color, a notion we Kindlites can only dream of.

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