Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Curmudgeon and The iPad

Verging on Pertinence wanders down to the Apple store and checks out the iPad:

Flicked to a photo gallery loaded on the iPad. Again, no complaints about the picture quality. When I turned the iPad from a portrait to a landscape handhold, however, the picture did not turn. The Apple Bee hmmmed, but couldn't fix the issue.Brought up one of the books downloaded. Easy to turn pages, as expected from experiencing the same with the iPhone application. After readng about 3-5 minutes, however, my eyes were killing me. The screen was too bright, the words seared my eyeballs. Again, a Bee buzzed by and said that the brightness was due to the high value on color. O.K....but my eyes were tired fairly qucikly from reading. He suggested, without a hint of a grin, Ray-Bans.

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