Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick Thought: Packing

Once the essentials, such as medicine and key business documents, have been accounted for, it is wise to err on the side of underpacking.

The amount of stuff that is carted from one destination to another and back while being used for nothing other than burning fuel, taking space, and creating guilt feelings on the part of the bearer can be sizable. It is huge when multiplied by the total number of travelers.

If brutally honest with ourselves, we would designate an extra bag solely for the things we won't need but somehow feel compelled to take. If wise, we'll "forget" to take that one.


Cromagnum said...

One could imagine a chain of airport stores that rent out a bag of such useless things.

If its cheaper than paying baggage fees, ("competition") and only needs a quick cleaning to then re-use.

The store just needs to have a large stock, to reduce the possibility of an 'out-of-stock situation' If they were successful, then they might add other things like disposable clothes and trial sized perfumes.

Michael Wade said...


Successful businesses have been built on stranger concepts.


Cromagnum said...

I agree, i have some odd business concepts, including one that attempts to answer the question: "What if they couldn't see?". If only I would launch one of them.

Per the original, one of the more difficult things to find is cell phone rental in Europe. The guidebooks mention a store in the airport, but just try and find it. (the same applies for any foreigner looking for a local cell phone rental)