Tuesday, December 30, 2008

21 Dumbest Moments in Business in 2008

Fortune picks the dumbest moments.

[I still think the criticism of the auto execs for their infamous private jet flights was a cheap shot.]


Kurt Harden said...

I agree with your auto executives comment BUT when you come with a hand out for public money, private business activities become fair game for public criticism.

Michael Wade said...

I have no problem with criticism of the auto executives. Lord knows they've earned a great deal of it. The criticism of the private jets, however, struck me as more of a demand for good PR instead of anything more substantial.

I would have been more insulted if the auto execs had gone through the show of taking public transportation for a one-time begging expedition to Capitol Hill, all the while knowing that they'd soon be back in their private jets.

If flying coach had been combined with getting rid of the corporate jets - and I can argue that one both ways - at least that sort of belt-tightening would have been a hopeful sign of austerity and no-extravagance management.