Friday, December 12, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

Is Hefner behind the PETA ad campaigns?

Get in a good mood: Dusty Springfield.

Death by E-Mail:
Ten things never to put in e-mail. [HT: Mark Polino ]

Cool Tools has a piece on
SuperSculpey Firm polymer that will make you want to head for the art supply store.

RiseSmart has some tips
on making a career transition at 55+.

Lost style: John Huston interviewed by Dick Cavett.

Let the man smoke: Ron Rosenbaum on the downsides of presidential cold turkey.

Party pooper: Suzanne Lucas on
why the holiday party is not a party.

Two conservatives
criticize Justice Scalia on originalism. [This is a tad confusing. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I thought Scalia criticized originalism in his essays on judicial decision-making.]

Himmler was already booked: The love affair with Che and Mao.

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