Friday, December 26, 2008

A City Sinks

Before I'd left, I'd asked an acquaintance if he was from Detroit. "Indeed I am," he said, "Give me all your f--ing money." Another colleague, always mindful of my desire for maximum material, suggested, "You should go when it's warm, you'd have a better chance of getting hurt."

Read the rest of Matt Labash on the slow death of Detroit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip, Michael. I'm from (suburban) Detroit, and spent much of my youth in many of the places mentioned in the piece, from the old Tiger Stadium to the Coney Island hot dog shop near Kennedy Square. This was an oddly poignant holiday read - thanks again.

Michael Wade said...


I recall teaching a management workshop in downtown Detroit years ago. When I asked the hotel doorman a good route for jogging, he almost threw a net over me.