Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

Waiter Rant on old people, computers, delis, and karma.

A new book on reporters and religion.

What sort of communist left Sinatra off of the 100 greatest singers list? [I'm not sure, but he's destined to sleep with the fishes.]

Seth Godin discusses
the value of competition.

Roger L. Simon on
the passing of Harold Pinter.

Claire Berlinski sees
a looming crisis in Turkey.

Motivational speech: Northwest Passage.

Karl Rove on the President's reading list.

Health food recipe: Peppermint Bark cookies.

Business Week on the worst predictions about 2008.

Sweat Update: Via Michael at 2Blowhards, 10 things your gym won't tell you.


Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing me to Waiter Rant. Hilarious!

Michael Wade said...


I'm glad you like Waiter Rant. It's an extraordinary site.