Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Must Reading: Barry on 2008

Dave Barry reviews the key events of 2008. An excerpt:

The Iowa caucuses produce two surprises:

• On the Republican side, the winner is Mike Huckabee, folksy former governor of Arkansas or possibly Oklahoma, who vows to remain in the race until he gets a commentator gig with Fox. His win deals a severe blow to Mitt Romney and his bid to become the first president of the android persuasion. Not competing in Iowa are Rudy Giuliani, whose strategy is to stay out of the race until he is mathematically eliminated, and John McCain, who entered the caucus date incorrectly into his 1996 Palm Pilot.

• On the Democratic side, the surprise winner is Barack Obama, who is running for president on a long and impressive record of running for president. A mesmerizing speaker, Obama electrifies voters with his exciting new ideas for change, although people have trouble remembering exactly what these ideas were because they were so darned mesmerized. Some people become so excited that they actually pass out. These are members of the press corps.


Anonymous said...


Terrific wrap-up for '08.

At a Christmas/holiday (trying to be inclusive) luncheon at which I spoke, I talked about this past year based on a This American Life format, with four acts, which included excerpts from material written by Lewis Grizzard, Russell Baker, Art Buchwald, and Erma Bombeck. Afterward, someone remarked that there's no one left like those four, except Dave Barry. I'm inclined to agree, unless you include those columnists who write funny stuff not intended to be funny.

Have a good new year, and keep up the excellent work.


Michael Wade said...


Good points! All of us could use a bit more humor in our lives.

Have a great New Year. Many thanks for your excellent blog.