Friday, January 02, 2009

Cars That Lost Customers for Detroit

Hitchhike your way down memory lane with Rick Newman's list of the cars that drove Detroit's customers away. The comments are also worth reading.

My own unscientific experience with car ownership shows both the Japanese and the Americans can make good and bad cars. The Germans and the Swedes had the best overall record.

VW Beetle: Great car.
Datsun 610: Not good; grossly underpowered.
Buick Regal: Functional but not Detroit at its finest.
VW Beetle: Rolled by the prior owner but it was reliable.
Ford Escort: Very good and fun to drive.
Datsun 300ZX: Why did I sell it?
Ford Explorer: Quite good.
Volvo station wagon: Great car, driven into the ground.
Ancient Volvo sedan: Great and pushing 200,000 miles.
Toyota Camry: Possibly the best car ever.
Honda Element: A fun car although it has its quirks.
Mercury Grand Marquis: All geezer jokes aside, a very good car.


DarkoV said...

I'm with you on the Camry. I've owned three. All of them, including the current, were running after 200k miles. It was the lack of springiness in the seats that finally made me get the next one. Current one's humming along at 220k. I'm knocking on wood it takes me past the last kid's college tuition pmt.

Surprised you didn't list a Beemer. I thought for sure you were a BMW kind of guy.

Michael Wade said...


That's funny. I hear good things about BMWs but have only been attracted to their sportscar.

I confess to a real reluctance to spend a lot of money on a car. There are days, however, when a Jaguar or a Corvette seems to be calling my name.

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