Friday, January 02, 2009

Westlake R.I.P.

Sad news: Mystery writer Donald E. Westlake died. Michael at 2Blowhards discusses Westlake's work.

An excerpt from his novel, High Adventure:

Innocent had been graced by God with 57 years of this nice life so far, and no immediate end in sight. A man who loved food and drink, adored women, wallowed in ease and luxury, he was barrel-bodied but in wonderful physical condition, with a heart that could have powered a steamship. The efforts of assorted Mayan Indians, Spanish conquistadores, African ex-slaves, and shipwrecked Irish sailors had been combined in his creation, and most of them might have been pleased at the result of their labors. His hair was African, his mocha skin Mayan, his courage Irish, and the deviousness of his brain was all Spanish. He was also - and this is far from insignificant - both Deputy Director of Land Allocation in the Belizean government and an active real estate agent. Very nice.

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