Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Nobility of Small Things

It may be time to remember the nobility of small things; actions that, if given proper perspective, are not that small.

The individual who is a responsible and loving parent, who diligently fulfills job responsibilities, and who doesn't shirk from making the community a better place, may not make the headlines but that person is truly, to use an overused expression, the backbone of our society.

These heroes are overlooked in an age of celebrity when flash and glibness seem to trump sacrifice and courage. They are not whiners nor do they believe in the mantra of the envious that one person's achievement means that someone else has lost. They fail and move on. They face challenges in their personal lives that few, if any, of their friends know of. Their patriotism is not jingoistic; indeed, it has far more depth than the superficial allegiance of those who regard this nation as merely one of the better addresses in the neighborhood. Most are sustained by religious beliefs that are sophisticated, uplifting, and far from mindless.

Not only are these worthy citizens ignored, they are mocked as automatons living empty, meaningless lives. Scan the novels in the average bookstore, which could easily establish a Dysfunctional Families section that would rival Mysteries and Science Fiction. Ponder how Hollywood routinely depicts suburbia as inhabited by boobs, hypocrites, and the desperate.

These people do not want to be on Oprah and singled out in a State of the Union address. They don't believe their small but noble actions merit an award.

But they do want - and deserve - simple respect.


Hayli @ RiseSmart said...

I would like to point out, as a former waitress, that restaurant servers are among the most caring, compassionate, hard-working people I've ever known. Their work can easily go unnoticed (unless they make a mistake). Respecting servers should be a key part of any restaurant meal, but as Interview Chatter points out, this can be especially important during the lunch interview. Your (maybe) future boss is watching!

Faadi said...

I've been reading your blog daily & its on the *Must Read* section of my Google Reader.

After reading this, I could simply not resist to comment on this post.

You have my consent on the totality of the fact these these common men are truly *Heroes in Disguise* in our society. If we cant praise them or bring them in the lime light, we *ought* to *Respect* them.

Fahd Akhtar a.k.a Faadi

P.S. I agree with the opinion of Hayli @ RiseSmart too. I good restaurant sever make your dining / lunching experience even more waiter. Their single genuin smile can bring a customer back each day.