Saturday, April 23, 2011

Best Garage Door Ever

It's very nicely done. Makes you wonder why we have such bland garage doors.

[HT: Guy Kawasaki]


Jeff said...

I've seen more than one architect criticize the practice of putting garage doors on the front of the house. They are bland and uninteresting and should be placed in the back of the structure along with the cars.

This is a wonderful solution - something that fits into the lines of the structure and adds a face on an otherwise ordinary entryway.

- J.

Michael Wade said...


It is a creative solution. Now when I drive down a street and see the boring garage doors, I think, "What if?"


garage doors perth said...

It's a creative garage door that maintains the look of the building.

UriahSpencer said...

Nice thanks for sharing its really a nice garage doore for entry of any vehicles.