Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slick and Free

Fast Company: 5 free tools for making slick infographics.


John said...

Off topic but I still wish outlinks would open new windows in my browser, saving back-button and/or control-button keystrokes.
It's not hard to make hyperlinks do that. I can't remember if Blogspot has such a feature, but our Typepad wysiwig tool has a box to check with every url insert.
I'm not sure but the html tag may be target="_blank".
A very user-friendly gesture, while compelling readers to make a deliberate effort to exit the site.

Michael Wade said...


I just want to know if the "Escape" key is connected to anything.


John said...

I've no idea. I'm no geek. You'll have to ask someone who knows. I use it occasionally to get from full screen to normal when looking at videos. And sometimes my clumsy fingers trigger a window I didn't aim to get and I'm scared to do anything but hit "esc" but that's about all I know.

I have formed the habit of keeping my thumb on the left Control button as I surf so when I call for a new link (holding down "Control" at the same time) the browser gets busy opening a new window and if it takes more time than I want to wait I still have other stuff to read. Occasionally, if it's a broken link, I don't discover it for several (wasted) seconds, so a raft of tabs is always on the toolbar for me to grab one.

(I have had to discipline myself to pause from time to time and close out tabs before they crowd off the screen.)

I love Twitter partly because all the outlinks open new windows and I don't lose the scroll. Likewise our home page at Newshoggers opens new windows unless one of us fails to check the little box when formatting. Once you get used to it you get spoiled. That's what's behind my little mini-crusade. (If I could get 3Quarks Daily to do it I would be in hog heaven, but so far Abbas hasn't responded to my several nagging memos.