Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Learning Quest

If you were given a two-year sabbatical to go off and study any subject of your choice, which one would you choose? Assume that you cannot pick a foreign language.

Once a language is removed, I'm not certain. Both psychology and philosophy are appealing. Although I've studied a lot of history, there is still so much more to learn. Narrower subjects, such as the French Revolution and the American Civil War, are very attractive.

Which way would you lean?


Dan Richwine said...

Through the years, I've learned most of the basics about western history from about 1,500 BC (or BCE to be politically correct) to the present, including the changing ideas and great thoughts. A lot to flesh out, but anything new I can at least put into context of what else is happening in the western world, and there's so much in the way of resources.

Assuming that language would not be a problem, I would go to china and study their history from their perspective. 2 years would probably be enough time to get a basic feel for it, I've been somewhat frustrated finding good sources of their histories at my library system.

Michael Wade said...


Chinese history? A great choice and I like your reasoning.