Friday, April 29, 2011

The Business Card

A historian, now retired and writing books, gave me his business card. It has the usual information alongside a small cartoon of him.

I have a group of cards from several people. All of those are quite formal. Which card do you think I can spot from across the room? Which card immediately told me more about its owner?


John said...

My first real job was in the cheese business. The young president of the company carried two versions of his business cards. One was the generic card with logo, &c. (color of cheese, of course). The other was the same card, but with a few random holes made with a paper punch. Most of the time he used the generic card, but if he thought someone was really clever he gave out one with holes, knowing the person would make a connection with Swiss cheese.

Among my collection of cards one of my favorites is a wrecker service called Big Tow. The card is a die-cut shape of...
a big toe.

Michael Wade said...


Great examples. I kept a bizarre business card from a photographer for years because it was so out of the ordinary.