Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad Management: Who Leaves and Who Stays

Who leaves?
  • Those who can quickly assess the situation.
  • Those who realize that upper management will not correct matters.
  • Those who know that the bad manager won't leave because no one else will hire him (or her).
  • Those who draw the line at losing their self-respect.
  • Those who are tired of seeing creativity squelched and competence scorned.
  • Those who can no longer hide their contempt.

Who stays?

  • Those who have more than a touch of masochism.
  • Those who have retired on the job and no longer care.
  • Those who have convinced themselves that all workplaces are dysfunctional.
  • Those who believe upper management will eventually intervene.
  • Those who are governed by a fear of unemployment.
  • Those who regard any scrap of kindness from the boss as a sign of impending change.

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