Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stroup on Gadgets

Jim Stroup of Managing Leadership easily leaves me in the dust when it comes to technology. I've been reading his posts on gadgets and wondering if I should abandon my Jurassic-era appointment book.

I print off the calendars from Outlook, punch them with a Circa punch, and place them in a Circa notebook which has various sections. That notebook becomes my appointments Bible: Nothing is official until it is entered there. I'm sure that I'm missing all sorts of electronic advantages and yet I have something approaching a phobia about reliance on the technical.

Odd. But then after my last electric bill I found a renewed interest in candles.


Phil said...

I love the Circa products. I have to admit that I too am often amazed at those people that seem to have "e-everything." I do however get a small sense of vindication when the network fails or someone forgets to charge their Blackberry and the world seems to completely fall apart for them...I've never had a battery prevent me from knowing what meetings are coming up.

Michael Wade said...


Circa ia great!

I have a similar reaction whenever a friend is going through a detailed procedure to enter an appointment in an e-calendar long after I've simply written it in my paper calendar.

Rob said...

I spend so much time fixing others gadgets. I am pretty sure most people have little idea how they work and they are great only while they are working.

I just bought a new pair of chainsaw chaps, fantastic things, though I know all but a few will know why, funny they don't sell them in the handyman stores, where they are most needed. My point technology is everywhere, it doesn't just have to have buttons, but it still takes time to understand.

How many upgrades of your diary have you had?

If you're going to rely on electronics you always need a backup plan.

Michael Wade said...


I will remember that diary upgrade line!