Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talent and Non-Competes

The HR Capitalist gives some advice on how to deal with a non-compete clause:

The more talented you are, the more it's expected that you'll have questions. Early career or commodity talent usually doesn't have a lot of questions about non-competes, and that's because they're not thinking too much about their next step. Conversely, the more talented an individual is in their field, the more they've thought about their next step, including possibilities outside their company. Smart companies and managers understand this, so the more talented or highly regarded you are in your field, the more questions are expected.


Rob said...

Read, identify, understand and question, seek advice, consider the implications, accept or negotiate, look out for No.1 nobody else will.

Is there an extra "L" in there?

Michael Wade said...


Right you are!

The extra "L" has been chopped.