Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Do You Notice?

Despite the best efforts of Madison Avenue to convince us that various products are essential if we are to signal our high status and power, it may be that some of us don't quite notice what they want us to notice and, even if we do, we don't care.

So here's the first question: Which if the following items are you most likely to silently note the price of [as in whether it is very expensive] in the course of a one hour meeting with a person?
  1. Wrist watch.
  2. Shoes.
  3. Purse.
  4. Briefcase.
  5. Tie.
  6. Belt.
  7. Scarf.
  8. Dress.
  9. Suit.
  10. Jewelry.
  11. Pen.
  12. Cologne or perfume.

What's the second question? If an item is very expensive, would it make a difference - be it logical or not - in how you perceive the person's taste and/or competence?


Rob said...

I was thinking about this for awhile, I don't really notice peoples clothing or accessories. I guess what is important is the impression they leave you with when they have gone. Do you remember a particular item or do you remember the person.

The Engineer said...

I couldn't identify whether any of those items were "expensive." No interest on my part. My approach is rather utilitarian (e.g. I had the same $20 wristwatch for over 20 years).

If it was pointed out that a particular item (or more) was expensive, I don't think it would matter anyway. I would just think that I wouldn't choose the same way. I do notice dressing "nicely" but that doesn't require "expensive."

Michael Wade said...

Rob and The Engineer,

Your comments are reassuring. Unfortunately, I bet there is a sizable group for which several of those things would matter.