Friday, August 28, 2009

Insomnia Cures

This article on ways to beat insomnia brought to mind a fail-proof way I discovered many years ago while studying government. (In those days we didn't pretend that politics was a science.)

One of the assigned reading books was a thin volume by Roy C. Macridis that had near-magical powers. A mere three to five minutes with it and I was out. Any time. Any location. Unfortunately, I gave away the book before reaching the age when insomnia strikes. I've half a mind to track it down today.


John Phillips said...


If you can't find it, try The Ralph Nader Reader. Though not a lengthy book and though I've had it a long time, I'm not close to finishing it.


Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the tip. That book may be easier to find!

Cultural Offering said...

Any textbook should do the trick as well. Try a high school government text. Not sure how my daughter stays awake to learn government.