Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"My Dad works here."

Daniel H. Pink points to some emotionally intelligent signage.

Something about this story bothers me.

Could it be the obvious manipulation akin to the "Baby on Board" signs you used to see in the back of cars? ["Oh, I'll drive more carefully because there is a baby in that car."]

If this signage catches on, just imagine what The Onion will do with it.


pawnking said...

I always disliked the 'Baby on Board signs' and years ago saw a Simpson's episode which explained why. March had just gotten such a sign for her car and exclaimed "Now people will stop intentionally ramming my car!"


Michael Wade said...


There was always something strange about those signs and that Simpsons example nails it.

Rob said...

WARNING "Please slow down because somebody you probably don't know is working near here, and they most likely have a family, and a dog and/or maybe a cat, they might have a headache, they desperately need a holiday, and their boss is a mean"