Friday, April 15, 2011

Quote of the Day

I do more painting when I'm not painting.

- Andrew Wyeth


Dan Richwine said...

Well said. As I tried to explain to my supervisor during my last performance review. She mentioned that for someone who seems to goof off alot, I sure get a lot done. Or maybe she said for someone who gets so much done, I sure do seem to good off alot, I forget.

Anyway, I tried to explain that a lot of the reason I am so effecient and effective is that I do alot of my work on a very abstract level, and much of the time I have to clear my mind when it's stuck on something or other. Alas, I doubt she bought it. Maybe I can refer her to your blog?

Michael Wade said...


Send her over. I prefer the goofing off/preparing to work far more than the furrowed brow/pretending to work.