Monday, April 04, 2011

Valuable Skills

  • Knowing how to overcome obstacles that would thwart most people;

  • Being able to envision how things might go wrong;

  • Being able to maintain morale when things do go wrong;

  • Not taking it out on others;

  • Not taking things personally;

  • Selecting good team members;

  • Being reasonable when the temptation is great to be otherwise;

  • Making sure that everyone is included;

  • Turning around poor performers;

  • Knowing which details matter;

  • Showing up at the right time;

  • Leaving at the right time;

  • Doing what needs to be done;

  • Doing it with style;

  • Knowing when someone needs extra attention;

  • Not adding to the problem;

  • Giving credit to the right people;

  • Seeing the connections;

  • Spotting the underlying problem;

  • Making others feel important;

  • Knowing when and what to delegate;

  • Controlling your ego; and

  • Preserving your strength.


Bob said...

Fantastic insightful list, as usual :) I think the underlying personal quality from whence these concepts originate is in being a good listener and observer.

Michael Wade said...


I appreciate that.

Thank you.