Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bodacious Shelby

The Hammock Papers notes that today is Shelby Foote's birthday and provides some video and thoughts.

I could listen to Shelby Foote read the yellow pages. Instead of Talk Like a Pirate Day, there should be a Talk Like Shelby Foote Day.

We'd be a better nation.


John said...

And Brian Lamb is another Living National Treasure, perhaps the most under-appreciated journalist/interviewer of our lifetime.

I agree about hearing Foote speak. His diction and pronunciation remind me of how my maternal grandmother and three or four of her peers spoke. One of my regrets is not having any recording of their voices.

Great find, Michael. Thanks. (But I had other plans this afternoon than getting snagged by this video.)

Rob Firchau said...

I've often thought that being in Bedford Forrest's tent, listening to the general prepare for battle, couldn't have sounded much different.

Thanks for noticing.