Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Shopping Problem

You would have had to hold a gun on me to get me into a store on Black Friday.

Nothing against that date. I hate shopping year round. Now let me list some exceptions. It is a rare week when I am not browsing in a bookstore or two. For some odd reason, I also like drugstores. Office supply stores have a minor appeal.

All other stores? Forget it. My shopping expeditions for clothes have the same internal clock used by commandoes when they conduct a raid. A favorite memory is of buying a suit, having it fitted, and being out the door with product in hand within 20 minutes.

Grocery shopping is a similar chore. The idea of walking up and down the aisles and studying the products does not strike me as a great use of time. My attitude might change if I cooked more.

That does reveal what may be the cause of my shopping-aversion: the sense that every minute spent in a store could be better spent elsewhere.


John said...

I think it's a guy thing. I'm the same way, except I do make a quick weekly walk-through at Goodwill. (Helps my memory bank even if I don't get anything, which is typically the case.)

CincyCat said...

Must be a guy thing... ;) Although, as a female myself, I do own that I hate clothes shopping for myself.

However, I was going to recommend two tips for speedy grocery shopping.

1. If you always buy the same things, then there is no need to randomly browse the aisles. Just cruise down the aisle at a comfortable clip, casually knock the desired item off the shelf & into your cart, and keep going. (You should slow down a little if the item is in a glass jar...)

2. If something (shelf stable) is on sale, get multiples. Thereby reducing the number of times you need to go back to the store to replenish.