Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Favorite Science Fiction Inventions

I cannot tell you how many times I have longed for the Star Trekian ability to be transported to distant locations within seconds.

That longing usually occurs before business trips.

The other highly desirable sci-fi invention also comes from Star Trek: the doctor's ability to detect and cure physical problems by waving a special wand in front of a patient. No groping. No shots. No scalpel. That longing comes before the annual physical.

Are there other admirable science fiction powers that should be on my list?


At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

In the Science Fiction world, nobody has bills or worries about money, nobody has savings.....things just happen, leaders lead and make decisions, there are no lawsuits or legal firms.....And have you ever seen a toilet? In 100 years you'll still need a plumber to do exactly what they do now...

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Dan in Philly said...

I like to speculate not on the technology associated with SciFi, but the society reflected. StarTreck, as it eventually developed, was kind of a 50s one world government utopia, where as far as I can tell there are no human capitalists anywhere. The government seems to run pretty much everything.

Of course as far as technology goes, the holideck would be by far the most popular among pretty much everyone.

Having just watched "Forbidden Planet" in honor of Leslie Nealson, I have to say much of my persepctive changed on the wonders of sci-fi tech when I pondered the excellence of that movie. "Monsters! Monsters from the id!!!"

At 7:46 AM, Anonymous CincyCat said...

How about the "Replicator"? It perfectly prepares whatever food you request in about 2.3 seconds. (I can only assume it vaporizes the dishes when you're finished eating, too...) :)

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Dan in Philly said...

CincyCat, I've always sided with Doug Adams with regards to what a replicator would produce: Food that, no matter how it analyzes your taste buds, moods, body chemistry, time of day, and brain size will tast alomst, but not quite, entirely unlike tea...


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