Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Greatest Board Games

There is much to be said for board games and yet, in this high-tech world, I wonder about their future. Excluding checkers and chess from consideration, my nominees for the top seven are:

  1. Scrabble

  2. Stratego

  3. Monopoly

  4. Clue

  5. Risk

  6. Trivial Pursuit

  7. Parcheesi


Steve Layman said...

A great list. Many a fine hour passed playing those games. May I add backgammon? S

Michael Wade said...


Great pick!


childrenlovetoys said...

I agree a very good list and it's time to get back and play board games again.

John said...

Risk Legacy, the board game that remembers where you left off.

"...What makes this different from the original Risk is that choices you make change the game permanently. For example, a player building a city can name it whatever he or she wants. The name gets written in permanent marker on a label, which gets stuck to the board — and it stays there. You could try to pull it off, but you'd ruin both the sticker and the board. So in every game after this, whoever first controlled the city gets a bonus — forever.

"At other times, players do destroy parts of the game. After certain events take place, players are instructed to open secret envelopes containing new components that change the way the game is played. At other times, players are instructed to literally rip up game cards and throw them away. That's hard for the true board game aficionados out there...."