Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leadership and Temperment

Whiners, yellers, blamers, back-biters, credit-hoggers, mood-swingers, bullies, narcissists, shirkers, and complainers are very high maintenance people and yet they provide splendid examples of what not to do. Imitating even a portion of their behavior can sink a career.

As a leader, you have a responsibility to provide stable, sober, and reasonable progress. You don't need to be charismatic or eloquent, although those qualities can help. You do need to be credible both with regard to trustworthiness and competence. Mercurial leaders create tension and unpredictability while eroding trust.

If the choice comes down to brilliant but erratic as opposed to stable and productive, pick the latter. You'll go further.


John said...

Unless, of course, your name is Steve Jobs.

Michael Wade said...


The classic exception that proves the rule.