Friday, November 25, 2011

The Important Little Things

Clear the desk of the major items for a moment, be they urgent or not urgent. Consider the small things that can be a much greater influence on the quality of your day than may be acknowledged.

Many years ago, I learned the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. [Coach John Wooden used to teach his basketball players how to put on their socks so a crease would not cause a blister or distract them from the game.] Since then, I've become a major fan of Ecco and Rockport.

I also firmly subscribe to the belief that the design and color of my tie can boost effectiveness and elicit a better response at meetings and workshops. Go figure.

Granted, there may be a certain superstitious aspect to this approach, somewhat akin to baseball players who only eat chicken before a game, but who cares about the root cause?

You need only address what works. Don't overlook the little things. They may not be that little.


Bob Watkins said...

Michael, I share your general distaste for shopping. I am also a huge fan of ECCO shoes. Would like to also put in a plug for Merrill, Clarks and Keen. There are a lot of good choices out there, and no reason to suffer with sore feet. One of my mantras is "Cheap shoes are no bargain!"

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the mention of Merrill, Clarks and Keen. Will check them out.

Wise mantra!