Friday, November 18, 2011

Miscellaneous and Fast

Niall Ferguson deftly spars in a BBC debate.
Sensory Dispensary: Elvis is everywhere.
If you buy this for me, I will graciously accept.
Ed Driscoll:
When taking responsibility isn't.
Clifford May on
the Iran options.
John McCormack on
GE and corporate tax reform.
A growing malware problem.
Artie Isaac on
restarting with why.
Wally Bock on
stopping and surveying.
Sissel sings "Shenandoah."
on Kindle Fire.
Occupy San Diego: A moment of extreme nonjudgmentalism.
Decision Making 101:
Next time, put constitutionality on the checklist.
Rick Knowles spots
a lesson about credibility in a brake light.
Tom Peters on
Martin Seligman's Master Resilience Training.
Ricochet: Student gets to work as an intern on a major movie, then sues.
Back by popular demand: The trailer for Nicholas Nickleby.


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