Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The 4 Year Scam

Four years makes sense for students who are trying to get a liberal education and therefore need to take a few dozen courses in philosophy, religion, classical and modern literature, the fine arts, classical and modern history (including the history of science), plus acquire fluency in a foreign language and take basic survey courses in the social sciences. The percentage of college students who want to do that is what? Ten percent? Probably that is too optimistic. Whatever the exact figure, it is a tiny minority.

For everyone else, four years is ridiculous.

Read the rest of Charles Murray's essay "Down with the Four-Year College Degree!"


Anonymous said...

Well said. Also in regards to that, education after college is far more important than education in college. Both professional education and liberal arts education is attainable by anyone.

My main beef with the system is that there are no allowances for those who are able but not college bound, so everyone who wants a white collar job feels they must go to college. I don't know any way around this, so my children will probably go to college, too.

Anonymous said...

I also think that children should go to college not only because they want to find a white collar job in the future but also because they have to improve themselves from all around aspecsts. They have to.

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