Monday, October 27, 2008

Who's in Politics?

Instapundit and law professor Glenn Reynolds [aka He Who Never Sleeps] writing in Forbes on the current state of American politics:

Having produced a political system that is so miserable it's likely to deter well-balanced people with integrity, and one in which the most important skills involve raising money and looking good on TV, we shouldn't be surprised if we wind up with a lot of people who want the jobs out of a narcissistic desire for importance, or a corrupt desire for power and spoils, and whose chief skills involve getting people to donate cash to their campaigns while looking good on TV. The problem is that a political class made up of corrupt and/or narcissistic money-raisers isn't likely to produce much in the way of good government, and certainly there's not much evidence that we're getting a lot of good government out of the political class that we have.

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Anonymous said...

So true!
The root of the problem is:
Those who are in power are unlikely to change the system that put them in this position.