Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

The occupational hazard of being a town crier.

Andrew Ferguson examines the world of Twitter and its twits.

The cynic in me kept recalling this Seinfeld scene during the debates on the financial rescue/bailout program.

Dennis Prager believes the Left and the Right have two irreconcilable views of America.

Writing on The Tim Ferriss blog, Leo Babauta on how to never forget anything again.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the "How to never forget anything" post, I recently read a book titled "The woman who couldn't forget" about a woman with the most perfect autobiographical memory every recorded. The interesting thing was that she was a living testimony to what a blessing it is to be able to forget things. Most of her life, her perfect memory has been a curse rather than a joy.

Thinking about the modern era, I wonder if we have entered into an age which can not forget, and if so what this means. Is it truly better to have perfect recall of every conversation, every task, every thing in your life? Or is it good to simply let the minutia fade and let your mind store overall grand patterns, allowing you to filter the important from the trivial? Is it possible to have too good a memory, even when that perfect recall is aided by artifical means?

Michael Wade said...


I know what you mean. There can be a real advantage in not retaining certain information. Retaining too much can overload us with trivia and be a huge distraction.