Monday, October 27, 2008

Busily Ineffective

There is a middle ground between the stages of indolence and effectiveness. It is where we are busily ineffective.

This middle stage is deceptive for we so often confuse being busy with being effective. What we are frequently doing in that stage, however, is avoiding honest sloth and focused effectiveness. We are in alibi territory and our cover story is that we are busy.

Later, when we regret our wasted time, we realize that it would have been far better to get the rest and pleasure that true indolence would have provided instead of the exhaustion and the demoralized state that result from busily accomplishing little of substance.

Consider how much of your week is permitted to slip into this land. From now on, when you find yourself blankly staring at a computer screen or messing around with worthless projects, either turn your attention to something serious or walk away and seize the pleasure of unadulterated goofing-off.

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