Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unusual Ways to Save Time and Be More Productive

We've all heard of the conventional ways to save time and be more productive. Here are some that usually don't make those lists:

  1. Don't commit adultery. This is a little strange and perhaps my reaction is common to management consultants, but whenever I see some film character involved in a lengthy adulterous relationship, I wonder, "Where does he (or she) find the time?"

  2. Kill your television. That line used to be on a bumper sticker. It deserves a come-back. For the most part, the portion of our life that is spent in front of a television wastes time while filling our minds with trivia. Boomers can more readily name the cast of Gilligan's Island than list the authors of The Federalist Papers. I don't even want to speculate on the later generations.

  3. Don't drink to excess. Hang-over recovery time is not noted for its productivity and no, it doesn't enhance your creativity.

  4. Close the "open door." Supervisors and managers who have open door policies are prey to malcontents and gossip-mongers. Some jobs, such as those dealing with apprentices, require an open door, but in most positions it is wiser to designate certain hours as the "no appointment needed" time.

  5. Beware of the computer. Granted, this sounds odd coming from a blogger, but time spent on a computer is especially seductive because it looks like work. Unfortunately, the computer habits of many are the workplace equivalent of a man reading Playboy for the interviews.

  6. Duck the entertainment overload. DVDs, CDs, iPods, YouTube, you name it. We've got greater access to entertainment than any generation in history. Much of it is enchantingly repetitive but how many times do we need to see a lion take down a wildebeest?

  7. Be out of touch. You don't need to check e-mail every hour and were those last three calls really necessary? Turn off the cell phone and get some things done. Don't think that your real life is waiting for your return to the grind. It may be waiting for your escape.

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