Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great Moments in Modern Journalism

From a message that was sent to a classmate of one of John McCain's daughters by what was once regarded as a great newspaper:

I saw on facebook that you went to Xavier, and if you don't mind, I'd love to ask you some advice about a story. I'm a reporter at the New York Times, writing a profile of Cindy McCain, and we are trying to get a sense of what she is like as a mother. So I'm reaching out to fellow parents at her kids' schools. My understanding is that some of her older kids went to Brophy/Xavier, but I'm trying to figure out what school her 16 year old daughter Bridget attends-- and a few people said it was PCDS. Do you know if that's right? Again, we're not really reporting on the kids, just seeking some fellow parents who can talk about what Mrs. McCain is like.


Anonymous said...

Yeah great investigative Urnalism.

I've been waiting for Jodi Cantor to ask: "Who in Michelle Obama's neighborhood helps with babysitting thier daughters?"

Any guesses? I mean they do have neighbors they are friendly with and all. And casually share living rooms.

Michael Wade said...

They're real sweethearts.