Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Both Sides Should Vow

If our candidate loses:

  • We won't shout that this is the end of the United States. It isn't.

  • We won't make snippy remarks about the low intelligence or bigotry of the average voter. The voters are neither dumb nor bigots.

  • We won't treat the new president as shabbily as George W. Bush has been treated in many circles.

  • We won't assume that decisions with which we disagree are motivated by greed or evil.

  • We won't spread wacko conspiracy rumors.

  • We won't become Internet trolls.

  • We won't threaten to move to Canada, Australia, Britain, France or some other "enlightened" land, all of which have their own problems.

  • We will work hard to understand the reasons for the loss.

  • We will continue to fulfill our civic responsibilities.

  • We will go out of our way to act patiently and respectfully with those who hold opposing opinions.

  • We will increase our involvement in community affairs.

  • We will happily redouble our efforts to ensure that our side prevails next time.


Anonymous said...

Perfecto, Michael.

Let's hope that those vows can be enacted without having to wait for a Supreme Court decision or some other as-yet-unknown dynamic.

Keep writing. . .

Michael Wade said...

Thanks, Steve.

Let's hope the climate is more civil than it is now.