Saturday, August 15, 2009

Your Favorite Knife

Cool Tools praises the Buck 305 Lancer mini-folding knife and triggers a small flood of opinions.

Knives, it seems, are a powerful and controversial topic.

I've carried a Swiss Army pen knife for years and have found it to be extremely helpful, but I like the lethal look of the Buck. It could be a handy item to examine during staff meetings.

Years ago, my mother created quite a stir in the family when she returned from Mexico with a nifty knife for my then teenaged brother. You see, this knife's blade remained in the handle until you pressed a button on the side and then it conveniently popped out.

Just the thing for a boy.


Rob said...

Just don't leave it in your carry on luggage, alas it will be no more.......or maybe it's a good excuse to buy a new one........

Michael Wade said...


I'm on my second knife because I forgot and carried the first to the airport shortly after September 11. I tossed it in the change bowl, exchanged a small smile with the security guard, and never saw it again.