Thursday, August 14, 2008

21 Warning Signs of a Dysfunctional Workplace

  1. Vague and frequently changing job descriptions.
  2. No job descriptions.
  3. Overlapping areas of authority.
  4. Redundant delegation of work.
  5. Managers and supervisors who shout at or belittle employees and/or one another.
  6. Grossly inadequate resources.
  7. Impossible workloads.
  8. Superficial or nonexistent training.
  9. Extreme multi-tasking.
  10. High turn-over.
  11. Lack of clear-cut procedures.
  12. High emphasis on not making mistakes combined with a near absence of guidance on how to perform the job correctly.
  13. Indifferent upper-management.
  14. Stressed-out middle management.
  15. Frequent crises.
  16. Rigid enforcement of minor rules.
  17. Turf wars.
  18. An absence of laughter.
  19. Omnipresent fear.
  20. Favoritism.
  21. Factions.

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Unknown said...

Most perfect points! i really loved the "Managers and supervisors who shout at or belittle employees " i feel the relation between a boss and employees should be like fish and water!! Sample Job Descriptions