Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let Me Be Clear

I know that some of you have raised questions about how I can speak highly of my esteemed colleague when, just a few months ago, I denounced him as a conniving weasel.

When I used that language, of course, I did not mean a weasel in any derogatory sense. I was thinking more of a cuddly woodland creature living at one with meadow, stream, and forest. I'm a little disappointed that you took it otherwise. Cynicism is one of the banes of modern politics.

As for the "conniving" part, any objective review of the full context shows that to be a reference to high intelligence. Scientists connive to cure deadly diseases, mothers connive to further the education of their children, and my colleague, now that he has brought me onto his team, is a conniver of the highest and most noble order. He knew full well the depth of my praise.

I only hope that my conduct will justify his and your confidence.

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